Property MAINTENANCE Enforcement Division


The Property Maintenance Enforcement Manager and his assistant identify a violation of code or receive one from the public. They then go to the violation address and take a picture and put the picture and address in their records.

If the property is not in violation, the process is dropped. If the property is in violation, the owner is notified verbally or in writing. This notification includes the reason for violations, what needs to be done to correct it, and the allotted time to fix the violation. The property is then checked regularly to see if it is in compliance.

If the property is in compliance, the process is dropped. If not, an abatement letter is sent to the owner stating the City's intent to abate (cleanup) the property with the consent of the Governing Body.

Violation Letters

In addition to verbal notification of violations, a letter is sent to the owner of the property. This letter states the time frame for correction of the violations and is sent to the last known address of the owner.