America's Promise


The City of Great Bend is committed to America's Promise, which is sponsored locally by Community Bank of the Midwest and involves different City departments. This nationwide mentoring program allows City leaders to participate in mentoring activities with selected students.

View America's Promise Poster (PDF).


A few of the events include bowling, miniature golf, a Christmas shopping spree, swimming, a trip to the Cosmosphere, snake and animal show, flying in airplanes, a community service project, and an afternoon at the Fire Department.


Specially selected high school students, along with the community leaders, participate as mentors to the third and fourth grade students. Students are selected for participation each year by the respective schools.


America's Promise aims to provide young people with access to the five fundamental resources needed in order to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives:

  • An ongoing relationship with a caring adult in their lives – parents, mentors, tutors, coaches, and community leaders
  • Safe places with structured activities during non-school hours
  • Healthy start and future
  • Marketable skills through effective education
  • Opportunities to give back through community service