Fire Department

Participants ride in ambulances and fire trucks and participate in a mock medical emergency. They also shoot fire hoses on a special obstacle course and rescue a person in a smoke filled room wearing the Cairnes Iris Smoke Helmet.

Public Works Department

Participants learn what it takes to maintain City streets and see how street signs are made. Students operate a high loader and travel over 30' in the air in the City's bucket trucks. They also receive an up-close look at other City equipment used to keep our streets safe.

Parks Department

Participants get an up-close and personal look at the lions and tigers and tour areas of the Zoo not open to the general public. Participants receive pictures of themselves with one of the newest animal attractions at the zoo.

Water Pollution Control Plant

Participants learn about the scientific and biological process of maintaining the Waste Water Treatment Plant and learn about an important, unseen part of the City.

Police Department

Students will ride in police vehicles, participate in a S.W.A.T. Team demonstration, observe first hand a K-9 demonstration, and learn how officers enforce traffic laws with radar. They will also participate in a mock felony vehicle traffic stop.

Ideas Exchange

The Ideas Exchange allows for an important dialog between our community's youth and City Administrator, Howard Partington. The dialog allows our youth the unique opportunity to voice their concerns, ideas, and dreams for the City.

Many ideas and dreams have become reality as the city leaders work side-by-side with the youth to accomplish their projects. DA-CAGE Skate Board Park, the synthetic ice-skating rink, the BMX Bike Park, the Disc Golf Course, and the Go-Carts have evolved as a result of the Great Bend City Youth Academy ideas exchange.

Mayor's Luncheon

Students have lunch with Mayor Mike Allison and Great Bend City Council members. The City's department heads are also invited to interact and dialog with the students in an informal way.

Emergency Vehicle Transportation

Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, and the Swat Van will provide the transportation from site-to-site during the Youth Academy.