Code Enforcement

Another important role of Building Inspections is Code Enforcement. The staff is responsible for enforcing the City’s property maintenance code as it relates to the condition of the buildings on a property, including identifying and abating dilapidated or dangerous buildings. Our Code Enforcement Officer works to help provide a safe and healthy environment for the community by working with citizens in the hopes of gaining willing compliance and encouraging citizen participation and cooperation towards maintaining their property.

The Property Maintenance Code applies to private property, both residential and commercial, owner occupied properties and rentals. Once a complaint is made the Code Enforcement Officer or Building Inspector will inspect the validity of the complaint. Some general ideas of what the Code Enforcement Officer does is ensure that structures are maintained in a safe and sanitary manner, ensure that structures are weather and water tight, ensure that structures are structurally sound and ensure that structures are secured against outside elements such as animals.

The Code Enforcement Officer works in cooperation with City Administration, Building Inspections, Planning & Zoning, City Sanitarian, Fire Department, utilities and other departments and local agencies. The Code Enforcement Officer also works closely with citizens and works to help educate the public as to the purposes of the Property Maintenance Code.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer regarding dangerous or unfit structures.