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Posted on: April 5, 2021

Storing Tires

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Why are improperly stored tires hazardous to your health?

Each tire in a yard, if improperly stored, can become a breeding ground for thousands of mosquitoes. Tires provide an ideal nursery for mosquito larvae. Tires fill with water and collect leaf litter and debris providing nutrition for the larvae. Tires retain heat, speeding up the egg and larval stages of mosquito growth.

Tires stored outside do breakdown over time. Chemicals leach into the ground affecting the soil. When tires are illegally dumped in creeks and ditches these toxins can end up in water sources or even ground water harming both people and animals.

Tires are combustible, fires fueled by tires are harder to control and extinguish. Carcinogens are released into the air due to burning tires.   It is important that tires are disposed of properly to prevent these events from happening.

Tires can be safely disposed of by utilizing the Barton County Solid Waste Department. The county partners with a waste tire monofill facility in the removal and proper disposal of discarded tires. A tire monofill facility is licensed and permitted by the state to breakdown, repurpose, and recycle the tire waste.

For any questions regarding the storing, removing, and disposal of tires please contact the Property Maintenance Enforcement Department by calling 620 793 4150.

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