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Posted on: July 1, 2021

Keep Our Kids Safe, Please Pay Attention!

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Summer is here, School is out, please pay attention.

Since kids are not in school, that means they are everywhere else. Parks, playgrounds, pools, stores, or coming and going from those places. They should be paying attention to traffic, but who knows if they really are. Whether they be on foot, bicycle, or scooter, they don’t stand a chance against a 3,000 pound (or heavier) car or truck. We should absolutely expect more bike and foot traffic in the residential areas as people, and kids specifically, are taking advantage of the longer daylight hours and warmer weather. Please pay particular attention when going around corners in residential neighborhoods.

Another hazard to consider are the slightly older children, namely new drivers. These individuals have less experience behind the wheel but will certainly be out more as they drive to jobs or social activities or running errands for Mom and Dad. Add passengers or a cell phone to this equation, and you are certainly compounding the issue.

And as always, nicer weather will certainly bring out more motorcycles. Please be cognizant and look twice before turning or pulling out into traffic.

Here are some timely tips from AAA

  • Drive with your headlights on even during the day, so that others can see you.
  • Slow down and maintain a 20- to 30-second visual lead to identify unexpected problems.
  • Scan between parked cars and other objects for indications that children are at play in the area.
  • Look for clues such as balls and bike ramps that indicate children could be in the area.
  • Expect the unexpected if there’s a chance, children could dart into the road.
  • Make eye contact with people who are about to cross the street, and watch for their next step.
  • Make sure you look for pedestrians at intersections, not just other vehicles.

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