What do I do if Medicare does not pay my ambulance bill?

If Medicare does not cover your ambulance bill, you have the right to file with Medicare for a Medical Review. This process is explained in the Medicare Remittance Notice that the patient receives from Medicare in the mail. 

When filing for a Medical Review, it is recommended that the patient provide the following documents to Medicare: 

•A letter from the patient’s family physician explaining why the ambulance transport was medically necessary. 

•Copies of the patient’s ambulance transport medical records. The patient may contact the Great Bend Fire/EMS Billing Office at 620-793-4140 to obtain a copy of his/her records. 

•Copies of the patient’s medical records from the hospital that the patient was transported to. 

•A letter from the patient explaining why 911 was called for medical assistance. Notice: Filing for Medical Review does not guarantee that Medicare will reverse their original decision, but it is an option available to all patients covered through Medicare.

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