Alex O.

Great Bend Zoo
Title: Animal Keeper II
Phone: 620-793-4226
Alex with tarantula

My family moved to a few different places when I was young, but eventually settled in Ramsey, New Jersey, where I grew up. I graduated from high school there and went on to get my Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science at the University of Connecticut. I greatly enjoyed my time at UConn, especially due to the many animals available to work with at the university barns and when I played sousaphone in the marching band. I got a job working at a boarding kennel near my home called Best Friends. I went on to intern at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Texas and at Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo. 

I always loved animals growing up and would pester my parents for more pets. I would avidly watch National Geographic or the Discovery Channel for hours. Now that I work at a zoo it always makes me happy to see kids showing the same interest in animals. Getting to teach a group about an exciting animal is always fun. The questions you get from children will also keep you on your toes; one of my favorites was if we used bleach to make the white tigers (No, it's genetic)! 


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