Water Division


The City of Great Bend Water Division serves the community by providing safe and clean quality water delivered to your home or business.

The Water Division serves under the Utilities Division as part of the Department of Public Works. When fully staffed the Water Division has 6 full time employees and 2 full time meter readers.


The Water Division is responsible for:

  • The connection and disconnection of water service
  • New service installation from the main transmission line to the meter
  • After hours emergency calls
  • Maintenance and repair of these items inside the city limits of Great Bend and the Great Bend Municipal Airport and Industrial Park:
    • 6563 Water meters and services
      • These meters are divided into 4 cycles. 
        • Cycle 1 is made up of 1688 meters
        • Cycle 2 is made up of 1473 meters
        • Cycle 3 is made up of 1251 meters
        • Cycle 4 is made up of 2151 meters
    • Water valves
    • Fire hydrants
    • Main transmission lines
    • 10 Wells in the city limits
    • 2 wells at the Municipal Airport/Industrial Park
    • Municipal Airport/Industrial Park water tower with 200,000 gallons capacity and a 125,000-gallon reserve tank

Water Supply

The City of Great Bend obtains their water from a ground water supply through deep wells. The 10 wells that supply our water is inside the city limits except for the 2 wells that are located at the Municipal Airport/Industrial Park.

Water from these wells is pumped directly into our distribution system where chlorine is injected for disinfection. Great Bend is one of the few cities in Central Kansas that does not have a water treatment plant or water tower.  

On average the city’s wells pumps 600 to 700 million gallons of water a year.

In an emergency the city has generators setup at select wells that keep the water coming to your home or business.

We test water quality each month with samples that are sent to KDHE. The Consumer Confidence Report may be read here 2023 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF).

If in the event of a Water Related Emergency, please contact (620) 793-4100. If after hours leave a message. There is someone on call 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week to respond.

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Reuben Martin
Utilities Superintendent

Jenna Pitchford
Utilities Supervisor