Pretreatment & Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Pretreatment

In conjunction with the Wastewater Treatment Facility, the City of Great Bend implements an EPA approved Industrial Pretreatment Program that was developed in 2004.


Under this program, industries that have been determined to be Significant Industrial Users using EPA criteria must obtain Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permits from the City. The permits contain limits on the concentrations of certain pollutants that can be discharged to the Wastewater Treatment Facility by the industry.

Limits can be locally developed or can be federal categorical limits, which have been promulgated by EPA. The permits also contain reporting and other requirements that must be complied with.

Wastewater Treatment Laboratory

The Great Bend Municipal Wastewater Laboratory provides sampling and analytical services for the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Industrial Pretreatment program. The laboratory maintains certifications for non-potable water under the EPA's Clean Water Act.