Special Projects

BMX Bike Park

One of several projects completed under the direction of Great Bend Youth Academy is a BMX Bike Park on the southern edge of Brit Spaugh Park. The track consists of a series of dirt mounds allowing users to perform various jumps and tricks. The Dirt Track is open during regular Park hours (6:00 am to 12:00 midnight).

We ask that no motorized vehicles be used on the track and that users obey all posted rules. Users are responsible for their own equipment. Users to the track are urged to practice caution when using the facility. The City of Great Bend accepts no liability for injuries or damage to equipment that results through usage of the park.

BMX Park
Disk Golfer

Disc Golf Course

Located in Veteran's Park, The Disc Golf Course is a class project of the Great Bend City Youth Academy. Disc golf uses a specially designed flying disc to play from one chained basket to another.

This sport is growing in popularity across the nation. Members of the Youth Academy were joined by the High School Vocational Technical Club who helped design the course.

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