Zoo Society

A message from the Great Bend Zoological Society Board of Directors ...

Many terrific things are happening at the Zoo, and the Great Bend Zoo Society wants YOU to be a part of it all. The purpose of the Society is to support the Zoo in its efforts to provide educational and public benefit to the community, and your financial support helps to develop and improve our Zoo.

An annual membership for an entire family costs only $25, which makes this investment an economical one. Membership entitles supporters to unique activities including, a "first look" welcome of each animal new to the Zoo, "Zoo News" emails and quarterly newsletters, a 20% discount in the Zoo gift shop, free wagon rental for the kids, $1 mobility cart rental, and involvement in the annual meeting where members elect Society Directors. Additionally, your membership card is often good for discounts at other zoos as well!

Again, we would love for you to become a member of the Great Bend Zoo Society, and we invite you to visit the Zoo to see all the changes that are occurring. Membership may be purchased by mail, at the Zoo, or by contacting any officer of the Zoo Society: Aaron Emerson, Dennis Neeland, John Cross, Hillary Emerson, Grady Bolding or Brad McCune.  We look forward to your support and involvement with the Zoo!


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