Fire Investigations

The Great Bend Fire Department provides fire investigation services for incidents the department responds to. Our fire investigator is specially trained in fire investigation and methodology that allows him to understand the science of fire behavior, basic construction methods and aspects of human behavior to assist in determining the nature of a fire.

Investigators are certified by the Kansas State Fire Marshal. The Great Bend Fire Department fire investigator works closely with local law enforcement jurisdictions and the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

The investigation of fires is a very important aspect of firefighting. First, investigation allows for the determination of arson and assists in finding the individual or individuals responsible for setting the fire. Second, it also allows firefighters to gather more information and learn from accidental fires to work towards preventing them in the future. Information gathered from accidental fires is often used in training and in the consideration of updating or creating new codes.

If you are needing a fire report please contact Great Bend Fire Department at 620-793-4140.