Police Department

Great Bend Police Department

The Great Bend Police Department (GBPD) is the primary law enforcement agency for the City of Great Bend, Kansas. With 33 full-time commissioned Police Officers, and four non-commissioned personnel. The Department provides 24-hour, 365-day police services.

The GBPD is composed of the following divisions:

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Chief's Greeting

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We know that there are no “easy answers” or “quick fixes” to the problems our society faces. We live in a polarized world that is often full of hate, anger, and fear. I know that society often looks to law enforcement to address many of these issues. The difficulty of this task is complicated by the fact that many in our society feel that they can no longer trust their government or, in some cases, their law enforcement representatives in particular. 

 It’s easy to get caught up in the emotions of our times and forget that, at the end of the day, we all basically want the same things from our local community. We want a safe place to raise our children. We want a place where we can live our lives and chase our dreams, safe and free from unnecessary interference. These desires are all embodied in our city’s motto “A Great Place to Raise a Family.”

 Building and maintaining such a community requires a great deal of effort from the whole community, but those of us at the Great Bend Police Department recognize the unique role we play in the pursuit of this dream. We also recognize the incredible impact (for good or bad) that our Department has on the people that choose to make their lives here in Great Bend. We know that the way we handle a case or concern you bring to us may determine whether or not you get justice from society. That is a responsibility that I and my fellow officers take very seriously. 

 I also know that you work hard for the tax money you entrust to us so that you can have a police department. With these things in mind, we endeavor to be a professional, effective organization that strives to act honorably in everything we do. No organization is perfect, and we will no doubt make mistakes. Still, we will never rest in our quest to be the police department that our citizens deserve. 

 No matter how effective our department may become, I know that we cannot build a safe and comfortable community alone. Though we may fill the jails with criminals, our efforts are all for naught if society simply produces replacements for them. To truly build the kind of community that we all want to live in, we have to address root issues. This means viewing the lawbreakers amongst us as real, complicated human beings. We have to give help to those amongst us that honestly need it, while protecting our community from those that would endanger our children and families. We also have to be the kind of community that works together to produce responsible members of society and helps make it possible for families to raise the next generation of citizen. I know that the police department can’t do that alone, and I look forward to working with the community to accomplish these lofty goals. 

 I’m proud to make my home in Great Bend and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work for the Great Bend Police Department. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, please stop by the Police Department. I welcome the opportunity to meet you and hear how we can work together to make Great Bend “A Great Place to Raise a Family.”