Youth Outreach and Drug Prevention Program

The Police Department takes a great deal of pride in our various youth outreach efforts. Our Youth Outreach Program exists to:

  • Ensure that children get positive interaction with local law enforcement officers, which will hopefully lead to a more positive societal attitude toward the profession in the next generation.
  • Educate youth about crime and it's consequences
  • Help combat drug use by ensuring that children never become users in the first place.

We strive to embrace a holistic approach toward combating drugs and all other types of crime, realizing that we can't simply arrest our way out of many of the problems facing society.

Some of the various efforts the Department conducts (or participates in) under the umbrella of this program are:

  • The DARE (Drug Abuse Prevention Education Program)
  • Community Youth Forum
  • City of Great Bend Youth Academy
  • City of Great Bend "Zoo Boo"
  • Elementary School Police at Lunch Program

Child Safety Seat Check Lanes

Have questions or concerns about whether your child seat is properly installed? We have specially trained officers on staff who can make sure a seat is properly installed and offer instructions to parents on how to do it. The Department often conducts "check lanes", where interested parents can drive through and get their seat check. These lanes are typically offered at special events. If you want to get your seat checked sooner, just give us a call and we can set up an appointment for you. This is a free service.

Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers is an independent organization that works to help local law enforcement make the community a safer place. Their flagship program involves providing financial rewards for anyone who provides information that helps solve crimes. Information can be provided anonymously at 792-1300.

Citizen's Academy

The GBPD Citizen's Academy meets one night a week, for six weeks, to help familiarize citizens with the operations of the police department and the issues facing law enforcement. For ongoing citizen academy dates, contact the Police Department.

Local Hero's Award

The Local Hero's award for youth and adults. The program awards citizens for setting extraordinary examples of heroism within the community.

The Hero's Award is sponsored by the Great Bend Police Department as well as:

  • Great Bend Optimist
  • Eagle Radio
  • The Great Bend Tribune

Police Community Advisory Board

The Police Community Advisory Committee is authorized and governed by City Ordinance 2.136. This board is authorized to include 12 members. The goal of the board is to bring together representatives from various minority groups, religious groups and service groups to help advise the Chief of Police on how the Police Department is doing and could do better.

The Great Bend Police Department tries to embrace a holistic approach to policing which emphasizes the fact that the Police Department must work in concert with various segments of the community to effectively address crime. So, the Community Advisory Board also helps facilitate those necessary relationships.