The Engineering Department is responsible for planning, designing, administering, inspecting, and overseeing the construction of:

  • Streets
  • Traffic signals
  • Sewers
  • Water mains
  • Drainage projects

Activities include project preplanning and initiation, design review, right of way and utility coordination, estimating, contract administration, and engineering advice for City Departments.

The Engineering Department also issues permits and makes inspections for street and curb cuts, sidewalks, and approaches to driveways. The Engineering Department responds to the general public on engineering questions, traffic studies, and maintains mapping and plat information.

Sidewalk Assistance Programs

The City of Great Bend (City) encourages its residents to make improvements to damaged sidewalks adjacent to their properties located within residential areas of the community through a cost sharing basis. This program is intended to improve the appearance of our community and to keep all city sidewalks in good condition. Eligibility for the Residential Sidewalk Replacement Program is determined through an inspection by the City.

Per section "12.08.110 Repair of sidewalks", of the City of Great Bend Code of Ordinances:

"Every property owner shall keep sidewalk abutting his property in repair and shall be liable for any injury to persons or property caused by any broken, raised or lowered places in the sidewalk or other defects which it was his duty to have repaired. The city engineer or the city clerk shall, after giving five days' notice to the owner or his agent, if know, cause any sidewalk to be repaired and shall assess the costs thereof to the lots and pieces of land abutting thereon."

See below for a copy of the program guidelines and application form for consideration under this program.

Residential Sidewalk Replacement:
Program Guidelines (PDF)
Application (PDF)